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Project Action News Release

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On Saturday, October 20th, Gentry Martial Arts of Martinsville and Martinsville Academy (formerly known as Dance Discovery) will hold a Kick-A-Thon to benefit the Project Action Foundation. The money raised at this event will be used by the Project Action Foundation to fight juvenile crime by creating a scholarship fund for at-risk Martinsville youth to study the martial arts free of charge. Gentry Martial Artsą goal is to raise enough to provide four at-risk Martinsville High School students with a year-long scholarship in Hapkido, a Korean martial art. GMA will donate any additional costs associated with participation that are beyond the scope of the tuition scholarship. The students will be selected based on a brief written statement of their interest in the martial arts and an interview with head instructor, Mr. Brandon Sieg.

The martial arts are often cited as a vehicle for developing self-discipline, control, respect and self worth. Instructor Brandon Sieg explains that, "the martial arts are an alternative source of programming that may help us reach adolescents who are not interested in other extra-curricular activities but still need a positive outlet. This fundraiser will allow us to reach individuals who wouldnąt normally have the chance to learn those important life lessons through participation in a cultural art. The outbreak of school violence is a constant reminder of the need in society for such opportunities. We are hoping to have an impact on kids in a demographic that traditionally has been one of the most difficult to reach."

The Kick-A-Thon will run from 4-7 PM on October 20th at Martinsville Academy (Dance Discovery), 33 E. Washington St. on the square. Visits from the public are welcome and encouraged, as are donations of any amount. Checks may be made out to the Project Action Foundation, and are tax-deductible. GMA Martinsville and Martinsville Academy hope to have your support in this exciting, community-driven event. Any inquiries, including becoming a candidate, may be directed to Tracy Charlton, Administrative Assistant, at 349-8980 Tuesdays and Fridays or (765) 653-7296.

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