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Subject: Sept/Oct Newsletter

Upcoming events:
September has proven to be unusually light in events. Since Oct is proving to be very busy, this is a bit of a blessing. It is prudent to start looking ahead. Some of these events require a bit of an explanation.

Oct 6th. DePauw will host its first ever Horangi Cup. (Horangi is Korean for tiger, mascot of DPU and favorite martial arts animal). This will be for adults only, with a collegiate team tournament in addition to individual competition. DPUs TKD club is working hard to put this together. We still welcome the help of any GMA student (or anyone else for that matter), whether you are a TKD player or not, to assist in time keeping, stats, information, and being messengers. Please let us know if you can help. The professionalism of the event will largely be dependent on how much support we have to ensure things can run smoothly.

Oct 13th. Bedford Tournament. Specific information will be coming shortly. All GMA students of all ages can attend. This is not a TTCA tournament, but the environment is a friendly and positive one. Their formats for both forms and sparring are a little different, so we will be preparing for that. Most importantly, light head contact is allowed. Students need full gear, including chest protectors and headgear. GMA has some chest protectors to borrow that day, and more will be available there. In order to better prepare, students will be separated into groups that are planning to compete and those that are not (for the purposes of sparring with or without head contact.) Those competing will need to bring their own mouthpieces or will not be allowed to practice for the tournament.

Oct 14th Fall Foliage Parade. We are still trying to determine if this feasible and whether is it something we should do. Your feedback on this point is welcome. Details will follow should we decide to do it.

Oct 19th. Master William CC Chen is holding a Tai Chi seminar in Bloomington the entire weekend. The Friday evening class is most appropriate to any GMA students with only a limited exposure to Tai Chi. Details will made available, but the time has historically been 7-8 on Friday evening.

Oct 20th. Project Action Kick-A-Thon. This is huge undertaking by the Martinsville school that needs support by everyone. The philanthropy will go to help underprivileged teenagers take Hapkido classes in Martinsville on scholarship. We hope to work through the high school to choose the most appropriate candidates. Why this age group? Just look at the information concerning school shootings and bullying in the schools. Many kids in this age group need help but do not have outlets or activities that can positively impact their lives. In the meantime, we hope to foster a sense of volunteerism in our current students. Students will be getting pledge sheets in class later this week. Any GMA student is welcome to participate. We additionally need people (parents or other volunteers) to help count kicks and other administrative duties. Also, we hope to receive matching donations from local businesses since the money raised will ultimately be used in the local community. Please let us know if you think your company may be able to assist in some way. Our goal is to get 4 students on scholarship, which requires about 2,400 total to be raised. We realize this is ambitious for the first time around, but as we say in class, always give your best.

Oct 27-28th USHF Fall Seminar on IU's campus. Check the USHF website and look for more announcements on more information, but current list of presenters include: Dr. Ray Wood, who teaches combatives at West Point and will be sharing some of their approaches; Mr. Bill West, tactics instructor for the US Marshals, teaching strategies against firearms; and Mr. Sieg giving an introduction to the de-escalation and boundary setting techniques from FAST defense training, in which he was recently certified.

Oct ? In addition to all these events, we can also expect to have a round of testing in both TKD and Hapkido in the month of Oct. The TKD test will most likely be a weeknight at DePauw. You will be notified of your eligibility to test.

Nov 3rd. TTCA black belt testing in Louisville at GM Choi's school. Ms. Jenny Dill and Ms. Tracy Charlton will be testing and will have plenty of support. All are welcome to attend.

ATTN: DPU Students! Club Fees are now due. As of Wednesday, club dues for all DPU clubs are due. If you have been regularly attending, you will not be able to continue to practice until payment is made. We can apologize for such a hard line, but a more casual approach only leads to the potential for abuse, which is not fair to those who do pay.

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Last modified: July 05, 2012

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