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Subject: October Newsletter

Kick-a-thon update.
Remember the Kick-a-thon is on Oct 20th from 4:00-7:00 and benefits the Project Action foundation, ultimately leading to martial arts scholarships here in Martinsville. Please use the sign up sheet posted on the wall to tell us how many kicks you plan to do. We need to anticipate how many people are doing how many kicks for the purposes of organization. We also need volunteers to count kicks and deal with other administrative matters. Parents and friends are welcome to assist in this capacity, and there is a sign up sheet for that as well. Lastly, our quest for matching grants from corporate sponsors has so far been disappointing, so if anyone could lend assistance in this regard, we would appreciate the help getting our foot in the door. GMA thanks everyone in advance for all the hard work and support.

Report Card Checklist
It is once again report card time, so all students at Martinsville are required to bring in a copy of their report cards to confirm that school remains a top priority. Have Mr. Sieg or Ms. Charlton check you off the list.

Horangi Cup results DPU hosted their first tournament, the Horangi Cup on Oct. 6th. DPU was of course well represented on its home floor. Congratulations to the following people for their performance in their respective divisions
Jessica Brandt Beginner 3rd forms, 2nd sparring
Zach Boardman Advanced 2nd forms, 3rd sparring
Tracy Charlton Advanced 3rd forms, 2nd sparring
Jenny Dill Advanced 1st forms
Kathy Husmann Intermed 3rd forms, 3rd sparring
Arnulfo Mendoza Advanced 3rd forms, 4th sparring
Renae Rogers Intermed 1st forms, 1st sparring
Jennifer Stanley Beginner 1st forms, 1st sparring
Mr. David Yoshida Black 3rd forms, 4th sparring
Mrs. Mandy Yoshida Black 4th forms, 3rd sparring
Most importantly, DPU team 1 (Mr. Yoshida, Zach Boardman, Kathy Husmann, Renae Rogers, and Jennifer Stanley) won the team championship.
It defeated DPU team 2 (Mrs. Yoshida, Arnulfo Mendoza, Tracy Charlton, Derek Thayer, and Jessica Brandt) in the finals after a tough victory over the IU team in the semis. Notables include Mr. Yoshida having possibly the "point of the tournament" when he landed a roundhouse-narabong fake into a reverse kick, lifting his opponent off his feet. This set the tone for Mr. Yoshida to win the match and vindicate a couple of previous losses in prior tournaments to the same competitor. Renae Rogers, a 6th kup green belt, also came through in the clutch by upsetting a 2nd kup from IU to clinch the team victory and ensure the Horangi Cup stayed at DPU.

Bedford Tournament Details:
We will be attending a tournament in Bedford on Oct 13th. Competition is in forms, sparring, and an optional event of breaking for and additional fee. The breaking competition consists of three breaking stations, with competitors being judged on difficulty and success in breaking. Competitors must supply their own boards, and peewee boards are allowed for children. Mandatory sparring gear includes arm and leg guards, headgear, mouthpiece, groin protection, and chest protectors. Chest protectors may be borrowed from GMA that day if needed. Cost for two events is 35.00, third event (breaking) is an additional 5.00. Spectator fee is 5.00. Doors open at 9:00 am; competition will start at 11:00. Plan on a little over an hour drive time from Martinsville. Directions: Take 37S to Bedford. Turn left onto Hwy 50E at 16th street stop light. Follow to Bedford Junior High School, approximately 3 miles down the road. Tournament signs should be posted.

Fall Foliage Parade
We will be marching in the Fall Foliage parade on Sun, Oct 14th. Participants must be at the Martinsville High School by 12:30 for the 1:30 parade start time. We are told we are going to be located in "division 5", which is relatively close to the high school. Come dressed in full uniform. Please try to wear white tennis shoes if you can. (TKD shoes are preferred).

The instructors will also be doing something for customer appreciation night on Thurs. evening, but this is geared towards the general public and is not of value for current students (although some of the adult students and parents may want to come to some of the self defense clinics we will host throughout the night)

Testing and Seminars USHF seminar on Oct. 27th and 28th. All Hapkido students should be getting a USHF newsletter with more details. But this one is shaping up to be a big opportunity to learn from great instructors. TTCA Testing is tentatively scheduled for Thurs. Oct 25th at DPU. That means Martinsville students eligible to test will have a mandatory pre-test on Tues the 23rd. We are waiting on GM Choi to confirm he can re-arrange his schedule to make it.

TTCA black belt testing Nov. 3rd at the TTCA headquarters in Louisville Kentucky.

Free TTCA colored belt seminar on Nov 10th. The TTCA masters are putting on a free seminar open to all colored belts and white belts (no black belts). The class will be held at Ohio Valley TKD school starting at 11:00. It will probably last about 2-3 hours.

USHF belt testing will be held at DPU on Oct 10th. A test is planned in early Nov for the Martinsville school.

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