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Subject: Gentry Martial Arts Newsletter-October 2001

Some DPU hapkido students just earned their yellow belts and in doing so have become GMA students. (DPU hapkido club is administered under the supervision of Gentry Martial Arts). Welcome to Pete Amundson, Daniel Bailey, Tom Green, Yusaku Kawai, Mary Palecek, and Stefanie Even. TESTING TTCA testing will be at DPU on Friday Oct 26th, starting at 6:30 local time.

USHF testing has been tentatively set for Tues Nov 6th at the Martinsville school.

Congrats to all who competed at Bedford. Although they do things a little differently, we have always found it to be a good tournament to attend in terms of attitude.
Mr. Sieg 2nd forms, 2nd weapons, 1st and Grand Champion sparring
Jenny Dill Women's Advanced 3rd forms, 1st breaking
Tracy Charlton Women's Advanced 1st sparring
Kathy Husmann Women's Advanced 2nd sparring
AJ Jacobi 7-9 beginner 1st sparring
Neal Fashimpaur 7-9 beginner 3rd forms, 3rd sparring
Jonathan Neel 7-9 intermediate 3rd forms, 3rd sparring
Although Witney Neel didn't place, she hung very tough with much more experienced kids and even won a match in sparring (not bad for a first time).
Zach Van Deman, Cory Pierce, and Kyle Metz were also very competitive in their divisions.
Also special thanks to Derek Thayer for coming to watch and videotape.
Our apologies to Derek for omitting him from the last newsletters list of winners at the DPU Horangi Cup. He took 2nd in forms and 3rd in sparring there.

We are sorry that it didn't work out, but considering the lightning, the rain, and the temperature, continuing that long of a march with that many cold and wet mini-peewees didn't seem wise. Sorry for all the confusion afterwards, but thanks to all the parents who tried to help along the way. And thanks to all the troopers who stuck it out as long as they did: Corey, Tyler, Jayse, Catie, Neal, Tanner, AJ, Jerica, Sammi, Kacie, Quinten, Brittany, Makyla, Shelby, Nick, Sebastion, DJ, and John Michael.

A drop hollows the stone not by its force but by its frequency. One kick at a time, a penny a kick, GMA students made a pretty good size dent in the rock of juvenile delinquency. Collectively, we did 24,000 kicks to raise over $1,600 in scholarship money. Special recognition should go to our top money raisers-John Michael Murphy and Jessica Brandt who raised nearly 600 between them! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to help share the martial arts with those who otherwise might not be able to enjoy them. Special thanks to the kick counters, to Jeez-O-Pete's Pub on the North Side for providing the refreshments for afterwards, and IU Hapkido Club for helping out. One of the things we hoped our students would learn is that we can usually do more than what we think can. It quickly became apparent on Sat that many people would far surpass their kicking goal. An elite but large group soon emergedwhich in hindsight we will call the thousand-kick club, and they too deserve special recognition for displaying martial spirit-indomitable spirit.
Mr. Yoshida 3,000 Shaun Watts 2,000 Zach Boardman 2,000 Jessica Brandt 1,200 Tracy Charlton 1,000 Jenny Dill 1,000 Shelby Moler 1,000 Caden Mihay 1,000 Dorian Mihay 1,000 Quinten Nenedjian 1,000 Todd Miller (IU) 2,000 Annabeth Ryder (IU) 2,000 Mike Loureiro 1,400 Jon Carlson (IU) 2,100

While DPU was having its Horangi Cup, there was a tournament in St. Louis. Our lone representative, Cory Pierce, did quite well, taking 3rd in forms and 2nd in sparring. Great Job!

USHF 27-28 Seminar runs from 12-5:30 on Sat and 10-5:00 on Sun, with registration beginning 11:45 and 9:30 respectively. Cost for both days is $40 for USHF members. See the poster at the schools or look on the USHF website for programming.
Nov 3 TTCA testingALL ranks, including a semi-annual black belt test. Two GMA students, Tracy Charlton and Jenny Dill, will be testing for 1st dan. Testing begins at 10:00 am.
Nov 10 TTCA colored belt seminar. All non-black belts are eligible to attend a FREE TKD seminar presented by the TTCA masters, hosted at Ohio Valley TKD School. Seminar starts at 11:00 and will last approximately 2-3 hours.

We will once again offer our packages and recommendations for martial arts related Holiday gifts-both stocking stuffers and more significant items. It might be a little early to start talking about Christmas shopping, but this might be the last newsletter for a couple of weeksby then it is Nov, and it would be prudent to try and avoid the last minute rush to avoid out-of-stock delays. More info will come.

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