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Subject: November-December Newsletter

CONGRATULATIONS GMA students and instructors reach some milestones
Instructors Mr. Sieg and Mr. Mundy both officially received their third degree black belt certificates in Hapkido at the Oct USHF seminar.
Ms. Jenny Dill passed her first degree black belt test in TKD earlier this month.
Shaun Watts (hapkido temp belt) was awarded GMA's highest award, the gentry-man certificate for his ability, conduct and service.

TESTINGS A Hapkido test has been tentatively scheduled at DPU on Mon, Dec 3rd. A TTCA test is scheduled for Dec 8th in Louisville. There is a chance we will be having another exam the week before as an alternative to those who cannot make the 8th.

THANKSGIVING CLASS SCHEDULE You shouldn't take out your shopping frustrations on your classmates, but will have class Friday evening after Thanksgiving. However, the TKD classes will be combined into one class only, from 6:45-7:45. Hapkido will meet as normal.

CHRISTMAS PACKAGES We are trying to get our holiday orders organized. If you haven't gotten the list of recommended gifts to assist in your training, we have copies available. We encourage you to order early to avoid any out of stock delays-seasonal items move fast!

CHRISTMAS PARTY Our annual Christmas party and pitch in dinner has been scheduled for Friday, Dec 14th, at approximately 8:00 pm. (after classes). Hapkido will be combined with the advanced TKD class to accommodate an early start to the festivities. We hope all of you are making out your lists, because Santa will likely make an appearance.

NEW CLASS SCHEDULE IN MARTINSVILLE Because of our growth, we will once again split classes for both space and curriculum considerations. The change will occur on Fri, Dec 14th. The revised schedule will be as follows: Beginning TKD 5:30-6:15 Yellow belt TKD 6:15-7:00 Upper rank TKD 7:00-7:45 Hapkido 7:45-8:45

MISC.. About the patches. We are very sorry the delay. Apparently there has been some real issues with the company they were ordered through. We just wanted to let everyone know that we haven't forgotten about them and we will be meet our obligation to you as soon as we can get them from GM Choi. We appreciate your patience on the matter. Help us keep in touch. If you have email but have not visited the website, please go to and sign up for our announcement lists.

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