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Subject: January Newsletter

Winter Term Programming for DPU
DePauw clubs will meet during winter term. TKD club will meet from 5-6 and Hapkido club will meet from 8-9. Additionally, Jason Winkle will be guest teaching on selected silat techniques on Fri, Jan 18th from 2-4. This is a rare chance to see some very unique martial art technique. While participation is limited to those enrolled in Mr. Sieg's Winter Term class, GMA students are welcome and encouraged to watch.

Web Page Revisions
Our web page is certainly a continual work in progress, but recently a lot of new content has been added and changes have been made. We have started the archive section, which is essentially a photo-gallery and scrapbook. We appreciate your patience as we continue to add more material. Also included are articles found in the press about GMA programs and students. We have also made a more comprehensive resources section that includes the recommending reading reviews, informational seminar summaries, and excerpts from our GMA black belt reports. More additions are planned so keep an eye out, but you really should check it out if it has been a while since you visited. See GMA Archive:

Upcoming Events/Dates
TTCA testing is scheduled on Jan 20th at 1:00 pm at Ohio Valley TKD in Southern IN. Mr. Sieg will inform anyone who is eligible and passes the pre-test. A Hapkido test may be scheduled at the end of Jan at DPU. The spring TTCA tournament has been scheduled for Sat. March 16th. Black belt testing will be that Friday Evening, March 15th. More info will follow but you might want to mark your calendars now.

Parent Conferences at Martinsville
We want to know what the parents and students of our school are thinking. Conferences also give Mr. Miller a chance to get acquainted with everyone. Please sign up for a time slot on the sign-up sheet to be posted at the Martinsville school. Conferences will be held during class nights starting on Fri. Jan 18th through Tues Jan 29th.

Snow Policy for Martinsville
Since it is that time of year, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of our class cancellation policy due to bad weather. In order to minimize confusion, we will follow the school's lead. If Martinsville schools are let out early or cancelled for the day, then our classes will also be cancelled.

Price Change for Equipment
With each new year comes a new price list from our suppliers. While they continually adjust their prices, we at GMA haven't changed ours for four years. Unfortunately, we need to get our prices back in line with suggested retail in order to catch up (we even lost some money on certain Christmas orders.) We apologize for any inconvenience.

Chop Chae Recipe
After requests during our Christmas party, here is the recipe for Chop Chae that Mrs. Sieg used.
Mushrooms (optional)- Mr. Sieg will not allow me to use these.
2 large onion chopped (large pieces)
lb beansprouts
2 cup julienned carrot
1 pkg Bean thread (noodles)-This makes a lot. Marinade
6 Tbsp Japanese soy sauce
3 Tbsp sugar
3 Tbsp sesame oil
3 tsp minced garlic
-Mix together in separate bowl and set aside. Note- because sugar will settle at bottom, be sure to restir just before pouring over noodles and veggies.
-Saut vegetables in sesame oil until they are no longer crunchy.
-Boil Bean thread till soft (5-10) min. Add bean thread to vegetables, then pour marinade over everything and saut together for another 3-5 min.
I also put bul-go-gi (Korean marinated beef) in the Chop Chae I brought to the Christmas party. The bul-go-gi adds a lot of prep time and hassle, and the Chop Chae is great without it. If anyone would like to try it let Mr. Sieg know and I will try to put a recipe together.

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