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Subject: March GMA Newsletter

TTCA Testing on March 4th
TTCA testing for GMA students has been scheduled for MONDAY, March 4th at DePauw University from 6-8pm. That is only a couple of weeks away, so eligible students must get ready. Master Crecelius and Master LaVanchy will be overseeing the test rather than GM Choi due to conflicts.

Upcoming Events
March 15-16th - TTCA Black belt testing and tournament in Louisville, KY. March 22-24 - A seminar with Jason Winkle has been tentatively scheduled for this date at DPU. April 6th - Spring USHF Seminar hosted by GMA-DPU and GMA black belt test April 14th - TTCA testing and black belt ceremony April 27th - Hapkido club at DPU is also arranging a seminar with Bill West with his very realistic perspective of Hapkido, formulated in his work in law enforcement and tactics instructor. June 28-30 - TTCA Summer Camp

Patches are in!!! At long last, TTCA patches are in. Those of you who are white belts and need them may pick them up from Todd or Mr. Brandon Sieg. We thank you so much for your patience in this matter.

Tournament information Packets for the spring TTCA tournament in Louisville can be picked up from your instructor. There are entry cards for both sparring and forms competition. Cost is $45 for either one or both events. Students should circle traditional for sparring type on the sparring application unless discussed with Mr. Sieg. Checks can be made to TTCA. The Galt House has reserved a block of rooms, but reservations must be made by March 1st in order to receive the discount rate of 62.00 per night. Hotel number is 1-800-626-1814 or 502-589-5200. You must mention the TTCA tournament to get the reduced rate.

Tournament starts at 10:00 am (be there by 9:30 at least) with the finals/master demonstrations/awards ceremony that evening starting at 6:00. Spectators do have an admission fee that gets you into both the elimination and finals that evening. Tickets are 3 for kids and 5 for adults in advance. See Mr. Miller for tickets. Participants automatically get into the finals regardless of whether they are competing.

**Tournament entries must be returned to Mr. Sieg by Friday March 8th!**

Class cancellation related to tournament Currently, class on Fri March 15th is cancelled due to the black belt test and tournament that weekend, given that all upper ranks will be attending. We are looking into finding a substitute instructor, particularly for Hapkido, so listen for class announcements if we should find something.

An article for parents
The following recently appeared in the USTU newsletter. The stance the author takes is a little hard-line, but it offers food for thought, especially given some recent discussions in our own newsletter. We offer it here merely as another perspective from a more professional opinion.

Ask Dr. Thackrey "I don't wanna go to Taekwondo"
Dear Dr. Thackrey, At first my child was really excited about Taekwondo, but lately when it's time for class he says, "I don't wanna go to Taekwondo."
(signed) Every parent
Anytown, USA

This is not unusual, and it's almost never about the Taekwondo class itself (if there is a specific problem, of course, deal with it). Instead, it's almost always about the kid not wanting to be interrupted while doing something else, or not wanting to do much of anything at all. Getting kids to Taekwondo is not much different from getting kids to do other important things (medical and dental visits, personal hygiene, school attendance, home responsibilities, etc.).

Kids need adult help with big decisions. Grown-ups make the final choice on the most important stuff, and must not default to the child ("I won't make him go if he doesn't want to"). We adults are responsible for our children's social, athletic, and recreational activities, and yes we must even decide what kind of fun our kids can have. No child succeeds without long-term adult guidance, structure, commitment, and support.

Taekwondo is hard work. It's not just for fun. Don't wait till it's almost time to go and then make a hasty, impulsive, or emotional decision. Instead, talk with your child beforehand. Listen to your child, but remember that as the adult you are the one who makes the decision.

If you decide that what your child gets from Taekwondo is important, then be concrete and matter of fact ("we are going to Taekwondo"); know that even when you have to make kids come to class they tend to do just fine once they're here. For some kids a regular schedule is important, for others some variety may help. Perhaps change your schedule, alter what you do before or after class, have a friend or family member watch or take part, arrange a private lesson. Talk with the instructor.

Take the long view. Make the tough decisions. And let your actions fit your goals.

Misha Thackrey, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Fresno, Diplomate in Clinical Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology, and WTF International Referee.

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