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Subject: GMA July Newsletter

Our newest class is a preschool program for ages 4-6. It teaches the basic qualities of martial arts training like focus, balance, and coordination in an age specific, more fun and games atmosphere. It is designed to become a feeder into the normal TKD program. You will be amazed at what these preschoolers will be able to do after they graduate the little dragons program! We will start our first cycle on July 5th. Classes are Fridays from 5-5:30. Once we move locations, more class times will be offered, including a special section for 3 year olds. Spaces are limited in these classes, and we are taking sign ups now. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let Mr. Miller or Mr. Sieg know. They will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the program.

GMA-Martinsville Team shirts are now available.
GMA-M now has team t-shirts and polos. T-shirts are 15 for adults, 12 for children. Polos are $25. Also, DPU TKD has more team shirts available for newer club members.

The goals of our martial arts programs are to teach people to live better lives outside the dojang. We are starting a new program to recognize when students do just that. If your child (or you) exemplifies one of the 5 tenets of TKD: indomitable spirit, perserverance, self control, courtesy, or integrity at school or home, we want to know about it. For example, we have one student who exhibited great self control in a bullying situation at school. If it deserves recognition, we will give present him/her with a special sticker and recognize them during reward their black belt attitude and also to inspire others to do the same.

As we prepare to move locations and add to our programming, the Martinsville school will be adding a couple of new teams that students can specialize in.
LEADERSHIP TEAM: We are currently considering students who may be eligible to enlist on the GMA-M Leadership Team. Students on this team will help in leading classes, instructing students and much more. Once we have compiled our list each parent and student will be contacted on how this team will be organized and special benefits students will receive from enlisting. We hope to have the team in place in July.
DEMO TEAM: School demonstrations will be handled by a special demo team who will have special sessions to practice very demanding, precision timed routines. Many people enjoy the performance aspect of the martial arts and enjoy being in the spotlight to show their stuff. If you or your child is interested, let us know.

Dont forget to listen to the fourth and goal program on Spirit 95 radio on Wed morning at 7:15 am, which GMA is now sponsoring. We plan to be in our new location by the end of summer. With this move will come a full-time schedule, more programs, more special events, and lots of exciting changes. We are excited about the extra value we are going to be able to offer. It is important, however, that current students are aware of these changes. We plan to have informational sessions to explain these developments in late July-early Aug. It is very important students and/or parents attend one of these sessions.

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Last modified: July 05, 2012

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