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Subject: Aug GMA Newsletter

---------------------- Meeting about the move ----------------------
As most of you know, we are moving to our new location the first of Aug. With the move comes an expanded schedule, new classes, new programs and events, and some administrative changes. These are all necessary growing pains in becoming a full-time, full service martial arts school. We are excited about the opportunities and the added value we will be able to offer. It is important, however, that our current students are aware of all the improvements and changes so they are not left behind!!! We have schedule several informational meetings next week to ease the transition. Tues, July 30th 6:15-6:45. Information meeting and Q and A during the yellow belt class time. COMBINED yellow belt and advanced class from 6:45-7:45. Meeting open to all parents and students. Tues, July 30th, 8:45-9:15. Same meeting as earlier one but at a later time in case you cant make it earlier. Friday, Aug 2 8:45-9:15. Another chance for the informational meeting if you cannot make it to the Tues meetings. ***If you cant make any of these, it is very important that you see an instructor to pick up the necessary paperwork

-------------- When and Where --------------
We plan to be in new location and teaching under our expanded schedule NO LATER than Wed, Aug 7th. Our last class at the current location is Aug 6th. If things go well, we could have that Tues class in the new building, so we might be directing people down the street that evening. A copy of the expanded schedule is also on the website. Students will be processed into the new system as they attend the first class in the new building. ( it will make sense after the meeting). We at GMA thank everyone for their support that is enabling us to dream big! GMA Martinsville Leadership Team and Demo Team is starting to gear up

------------------------------- Thoughts from a Visit to Boston -------------------------------
Recently I had a seminar in Boston. Boston is a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture and a wonderful flavor, but I cant say Id ever want to live there. Two reasons are the driving (I would sooner drive in Dublin, Ireland than Boston, and they drive on the wrong side of the street,) and the people. Dont get me wrong, I met lots of nice people in Boston. The problem is that they were all visitors like me. The locals at the seminar were not mean or rude, and in their own way tried to be welcomingbut I cant say that they were nice. The only word I can begin to describe the people is gruff. On the streets I witnessed much worse. Jennifer and I left a corner eatery after watching the cooks gang up and badger a customer who had a legitimate complaint in the first place. I refuse to give my money to mean people, and to say the least Bostonians are not an apologetic group. Now, I am sure I will catch some heat for being stereotypical, and many will chalk it up to big city attitudes, no different than NY or LA. But my goal is not to bash a great city. Where am I going with this? Well, a recent poll found that the number one thing that Americans regret most about the changes of the past 30 or 40 years is the loss of respect and courtesy in American society. Of course, taking God and all sense of morals and decency out of public life and schools (eg. the recent Pledge of Allegiance debacle) doesnt help, but that is another book for another audience. But the survey raises a question--if everyone regrets it the lack of courtesy and respect, why dont more people do something about it? I would suggest that many people simply dont know how. They have never been placed in position where they had to practice respect, where courtesy was a necessity and not just a nice thing to do. Of course, we in the martial arts community have a good idea where these people can find just such an activity. It makes me wonder whyif the survey is correctthat more people arent in the martial arts. It seems that America regrets not having taken them. It is important that GMA students continue to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I have often reflected that my martial arts upbringing is what instilled my sensitivity to a lack of respect and courtesy. I am proud to be part of a group of that is standing against the tidal wave of social ills. ---BLS

 ------------ Free Classes ------------
In order to promote and inform people about our new tai chi and cardio-kickboxing classes, we are offering 2 weeks of free classes in those areas. We highly encourage our students, parents and other family members to take advantage of the offer. Even better, bring a friend and possibly earn a referral credit. Attached are coupons that you can use as a reminder or pass them out as a reward.

--------------- Heres the stats ---------------
We are moving to the old Black Lumber building on Washington St. just over the rail road tracks. It is a 15,000 squ. Ft. facility. The martial arts will use 5,000 squ. Ft. of that building. In that space will hold a full service Pro Shop, 32 ft. of mirrors, 250 squ yards of mat space, separate changing rooms and bathrooms, viewing area, and a fully automated customer service desk and enrollment area. Not to mention all the cool pictures, posters, certificates and awards. Also as GMAM makes the move we will be adding 2 new top of the line instructors to our staff. Madeleine Gonin who will handle the Tai Chi on Monday and Wednesday among other things and Kristina Neely who will make you sweat and lean with our great cardio classes. -Todd Miller

------------- We are Family -------------
Traditionally, if the term martial arts family was used, it referred to the closeness and unity of fellow practitioners. Today, martial arts family has been redefined by the increasing popularity of the martial arts within entire households. Moms and dads, brothers and sisters, are learning the martial arts together. In todays society, where everyone seems to be busy with their own agendas, families can unite a few times per week to train in the martial arts. We have a saying in the martial arts: Families that kick together stick together. Families that share a common interest often maintain or develop a special bond that improves the overall family relationship. Imagine the benefits to your family of training in the martial arts together. You know that practice makes perfect and having a partner to workout with or review techniques with can be valuable learning tools and can enhance the training experience. You will find this relaxing, enjoyable, and a great way to stay motivated to exercise at home. Although you are working towards a common goal, you will find that each family member reaps a unique benefit from their training. For example, dad may enjoy the benefits of better weight control, the great feeling after working out, and increased energy. While mom might find improved muscle tone, increased energy, and the cardiovascular benefits to be her motivators. Children will enjoy the fundamentals of learning martial arts and the companionship of other family members being involved. As a family martial arts center, we encourage everyone to participate in the martial arts. We invite your family to join our family in the quest for better health, and improved relationships.

------------- Get well soon -------------
We know of 5 students who are experiencing a health concern with a family member. We ask that you keep the family of Brent Mundy, Jennifer Stanley, and Jonathan, Whitney and Austin Neel in your thoughts and prayers. Please help us stay keep up to date on all significant happenings in our students lives. Feel free to let us know of anything you feel the student base would like to know about their classmates.

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