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Subject: GMA Announcements Oct 2002 Part II

Congratulations to GMA apprentice instructor Ms. Gonin for being invited to join Master William CC Chen's delegation to an international tai chi ch'uan competition in Taiwan. This a very big event and Master Chen has students all over the country to choose from, so the invitation is quite an honor. It also makes us aware of how lucky we are to have her on our team. Chin-na review sessions scheduled at the Martinsville school. The tai chi class on the last Tuesday of every month will now be dedicated to reviewing and practicing chin-na (Chinese joint locks). There are applications of chin-na in tai chi and good chin-na technique uses sound tai chi principles.

**Upcoming events**
Oct 19th. Bedford Tournament. Registration runs 9-11:00, tournament starts at 11:00. Cost is 40 for two events and 45.00 for three (forms, sparring, breaking). All competitors need headgear, arms and shin pads, chest protectors, groin protectors (male). Boards for breaking need to be bought individually but will be inspected. Instructors have flyers available.
Oct 27th. TTCA black belt testing in Louisville. GMA has no students testing, but you can come and watch.
Oct 31st. Costume class and festivities
Nov 2nd. USHF Fall seminar at IU.
Nov 9. Project Action Kick-a-thon. We have a few students on a Project Action scholarship, and we need to continue to support the charity. Information and pledge sheets will be distributed soon in your classes. All GMA students are encouraged to participate.
Nov 16. Dragons testing at GMA-Spencer school.

**Watch for an upcoming forms seminar for TKD students-one of our first black belt club events. More information will follow as soon as we get the details finalized.

Special Thanks and Great Job to the Martinsville Demo team and all those who marched in the parade. Most everyone showed good martial spirit and toughed out the entire march.

**Don't Wait Till the Last Minute on Your Christmas Shopping**
As always, Christmas time brings lots of special purchases. There are practical choices such as equipment and shoes, but also more novelty items such as belt racks and stuffed "little dragons". Please be advised that a lot of the suppliers become out of stock closer to Christmas, especially on the seasonal specialty items. Please get your orders in early to avoid any disappointments. The Martinsville school has the "Christmas corner" established in its pro shop. The others schools may receive order forms with all of our packages available.

**Random Acts of Kindness Results**
Congrats and thanks to all those who participated in the Random Acts of Kindness campaign. Altogether, GMA students completed 1000 acts of kindness during the month of September. Here are some of our favorites:
* My roommate couldn't watch something on TV and didn't have a tape to record it. I went out and bought a tape and taped it for her.
* While running I said hello to an older lady. Turns out she needed help mailing a letter. I carried it the rest of my run and mailed it when I got to a mailbox.
* I left my frequent coffee card (filled) for the next person in line.
* While eating at ____ I noticed a person sitting alone so I told my group to move other there so she wasn't lonely.
* Saw a light on in somebody's car and spent an half and hour finding them so their battery would not be dead in the morning.
* Introduced myself to a freshman at the HUB and had dinner with him because they looked lonely.
* I helped a friend fit in.
* I gave my umbrella to my friend and I had to walk in the rain.
* I gave a Monsters, Inc. backpack to ______because he loves Monsters Inc.
* Held door at Walmart for new mother so she could get her stroller in (from a 6-7 yo).
* Made a new friend with a kid who just moved into the neighborhood.
* Helped boy get his mothers necklace back from another boy.
* Had 20.00 to spend; shared it with his brother instead of spending it on himself.
* Helped a girl who doesn't have a lot of friends-everyone is mean to her.
* Bought ice cream for a friend who was broke
* Purchased breakfast for someone in line
* Stayed up with a friend who was sick
* Bought lunch for a guy sitting on the exit ramp with a "will work for food" sign.
* Helped someone feel better when they were sick
* Talked to a co-worker on the anniversary of his mother's death.
* Made bluebird boxes to be given away.
* Gave tickets to other kids at Great Times
* Helped my new neighbor move in
* Convinced a group of all boys that they should let a girl play with them also.

Congratulations to those students who successfully completed an act of kindness each day of the month starting on the anniversary of 9-11:
DPU: Kelly Timmons, Jessica Mason, Pete Amundson, John Bossnack, David Badger, Kathy Husmann, Derek Smith, Katie Roe, Derek Thayer, Rajib Bhattacharjee, Jessica Brandt, Elizabeth Porter, Stephanie Brown, Yusaku Kawai, Laura Lempke, Jon Roberts

Martinsville: Cole St. John, Cherish Selburg, Shaylyn Wilson, Chacity Selburg, Neal Fashimpaur, Tanner Norman, Christina Riffel, Jordan Scroggs, Cheryl Jones, Rachel Spencer, Marc Shotts, Richard Allison, Clayton Underwood, Chuck Grimmett, Tyler Sonnega, A.J. Jacobi, Scyler Routh, Caleb Shotts, Raven Shotts, Marisa Jones, Jessie Jones, DJ Fishel, Josh Middleton, Makyla Nenedjian.

Spencer: Wesley Anderson

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