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Hapkido. (Hap ki do)

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that, like TKD, has an emphasis on kicking. But Hapkido has had several other influences, including Daito-ryu aiki-jujitsu, which has given Hapkido some of its other major characteristics: joint locking, throwing techniques, and the associated falling techniques. Hapkido is translated as "way of coordinated power," which can be interpreted as utilizing one's body through proper mechanics, along with taking advantage of the opponent's own energy and aggression, to overcome a disadvantage in size and strength. It is often described as a indirect, circular style that uses an opponents attack against him. Hapkido is also grounded in the water principle, a very profound concept that can be superficially summarized as taking the path of least resistance and flowing with the opportunities the opponent gives you.

Hapkido is very pragmatic and self defense oriented. This is particularly true of the GMA (USHF) curriculum, which takes a more modern, Westernized, or eclectic approach to Hapkido. It emphasizes "situational self defense" or responses to various "what if" attacks. Here it supplements its repertoire of striking with joint locks and other body manipulations to effective defend against a variety of grabs and holds. In the more advanced stages, weapons (both the defense against and the use of) is incorporated. There are no forms in our Hapkido curriculum, although other organizations have invented forms practice for Hapkido. Because of the self defense emphasis, Hapkido tends to be a more conceptual and individualized martial art, making it better suited for more mature practitioners. Accordingly, the curriculum and classes are less rigid, although some of the etiquette and culture of the martial arts is still retained.

Note: Unfortunately, several TKD practitioners learn a limited number of joint locks and how to fall and then consider themselves to also be well versed in Hapkido. Hapkido is distinct martial art with its own unique philosophies and biomechanics. It deserves separate and complete study. However, since TKD and Hapkido are different (linear versus circular, striking versus joint locking) but do share a Korean heritage and emphasis on kicking, we feel that studying the two arts in tandem can create a more complete, well-rounded martial artist. Yet this does not mean one should irresponsibly cut and paste between the two arts.

Our Hapkido program is affiliated with the United States Hapkido Federation and the Korea Hapkido Federation

Korea Hapkido Federation United States Hapkido Federation

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