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F.A.S.T. Defense

Fear Adrenaline Stress Training

FAST Defense, acronym for Fear Adrenal Stress Training is a simple step by step process that allows students to recondition the freeze response into one of amazing power and strength. Since the adrenal rush is a natural instinctual reaction to a stressful situation, the trick is learning to harness and focus all that power into one's defense.

This Interactive Safety & Empowerment Program Teaches:

  • Awareness Skills on how to avoid altercations.
  • Identification of the common mistakes people make in tough situations, and how to overcome them.
  • New choices for dealing with conflict appropriately.
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Effective Verbal Boundaries.
  • How to avoid Rape
  • How to avoid a fight
How Does it work?
Students of this training are constantly reporting how "real" the fights seem. The first job of the Bulletman is to make you feel like you are actually being assaulted, verbally and physically. Once the fear/adrenaline response kicks in for the student, the brain transitions from cognitive (thinking) to survival mode. There is a switch from one part of the brain to another more primitive part that rules our instinctive reactions for survival. We call this the "frog" or "reptilian" brain. Research has shown that the frog brain can process about five major bits of information and act on them. This is why real fights are not the flashy beautiful choreographed battles that we see in Van Damme movies complete with fancy tornado kicks and ninja rolls. In reality the "deer frozen in the headlight" syndrome is evident as our brain shuts down, blocking access to those beautifully refined techniques that we studied for years to master. What the brain usually links to in martial artists under stress are those techniques that are simple and most ingrained in us. The basics! This is not a slam on advanced traditional martial arts techniques.

The Bulletman Suit
The Bulletman Suit is the product of 30 years of trial and error in pursuit of the very finest body armor for Adrenal Stress Response Training. Many people took a lot of hard knocks in this evolution. The result: An amazing collection of gear customized for each Bulletman to provide adequate protection against full force strikes to the body. The Bulletman suit can take full force strikes, kicks to the head and groin. Many commercially available suits can with stand strikes to the torso. Only the Bulletman suit can allow powerful strikes to the head and groin, as well as torso.

Course Descriptions:

The 2 Hr. FAST Defense Seminar
A lively interactive journey into awareness of the common mistakes that can get us into trouble, and how to overcome them. Scenario Based role playing affords the students experience in using assertive communication to de-escalate situations that often precede physical violence. The course culminates in how to effectively deal with potential threats including Verbal Assault.

F.A.S.T. Basic's Course
A 3 hour course designed to introduce newcomers to the principles and techniques that make this the most popular Self-Defense Course in America. Students will learn FAST Defense's famous Awareness & Boundary setting skills, as well as full force physical defenses practiced against Attackers in live scenarios.

Click here To see a movie of Mr. Miller in a FAST defense demo.(mpg format)

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