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About Gentry Martial Arts

Just as the gentry of the western Renaissance sought to combine the esteemed knowledge of the Classical Greeks with their own eras approach to philosophy and life, we at Gentry Martial Arts seek to marry our dedication to the traditional martial spirit of honor, integrity, perseverance, self-discovery, loyalty, and fortitude to modern approaches to technique and conditioning. We believe our commitment to cultivating the complete martial artist lies as much in the strength of his mind and his character as it does in the strength of his body. We welcome you to our home, and hope you will join us in appreciating the martial arts as a means of developing the whole individual.

Since Confucian ideals permeated the warrior ethos of China, Japan, and Korea, the martial arts have often been touted as a vehicle to achieve many of the Chun-tzu-like qualities: discipline, self restraint, proper behavior, respect, and empathy among others. Indeed, when learning such potentially harmful tactics, it is necessary to ensure that the dangerous knowledge is conveyed with an equal dose of morality in order to prevent it from being abused.

Thus, the owners and instructors of Gentry Martial Arts believe that the martial arts are not only a method of obtaining fitness and competency in self-defense, but a vehicle by which a practitioner may improve themselves. Black belts are often described as having the same virtuous characteristics as the kunja. Unfortunately, this connection is often left to providence-- rarely understood, and even less frequently articulated to the students. Our name is an explicit reference to one of the main objectives of GMA's curriculum - the development of better people.

GMA Reasons for Being

  1. To provide the highest quality martial arts and/or self defense instruction in the most professional atmosphere possible.
  2. To promote a more complete martial arts education through a cross-disciplinary approach to the academic subject matter needed to broaden and deepen one’s martial arts understanding.
  3. To foster a practice environment that is not only safe, but also cements social ties among its membership.
  4. To utilize the martial arts as a vehicle for self-cultivation: increased fitness and mental health, a better understanding of self, and an improved sense of responsibility consistent with the ethos of traditional martial arts.

Programs and Affiliations

GMA offers several programs through various martial arts organizations. These organizations, while not the largest or most visible of their kind, have requirements that are consistent with GMA's reasons for being and facilitate the process Tagore described as making "vitally savage and mentally civilized".

GMA programs include instruction in Tae Kwon Do, through the Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Association (TTCA); Hapkido through the United States Hapkido Federation (USHF); Tai Chi Ch'uan based on New School Tai Chi Association and William CC Chen's yang style Tai Chi Ch'uan; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through Small Axe Jiu Jitsu and Team ATOS through Andre Galvao ; and our self-defense courses with FAST. For more details about classes, clubs, and seminars, see Programs.

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