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Seminars: GMA can present and/or host seminars on a variety of topics, with the topics and terms discussed on an individual basis. Two options exist for hosting a seminar away from a GMA location:

1) Assist in the marketing and promotion of the seminar and on site logistics, and GMA will split the costs and share a portion of the registration fees.

2) Organizations may pay a flat fee for its members to attend. This option is not only popular with martial arts schools, but also with businesses or other organizations that want to provide education and service to employees or members.

In both instances, the host must provide the location and insurance. In extreme cases, additional travel expenses may also be required.

Of particular interest are GMA's Women's Self Defense Workshops and FAST Defense seminars. Look at the What's new at GMA link for a list of upcoming seminars.

Seminar series: Our more popular programming, such as

  • self-defense
  • tai chi ch'uan
  • stick fighting
  • sport specific training and conditioning
These series may be modeled after the semester long collegiate classes GMA has designed, but we will certainly modify and customize the programming to best serve the given clientele. Like the seminars, GMA can either host them or bring them to another venue.

Both seminars and seminar series are scheduled based upon demand and availability of the instructors.

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