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Head Instructor: Brandon Sieg
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Mr. Sieg’s martial arts career began in 1984. He has a 6th degree and 4th degree black belt in TKD (TTCA and Kukkiwon), two 5th degree black belts in Hapkido (USHF and KHF), a purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu, is a certified instructor in Tai Chi Ch’uan (New School Tai chi and William CC Chen), FAST defense (adult basics and ground, kids, weapons and multiple assailants), an apprentice elite instructor in Martial Concepts (hybrid system including Kali and JKD) and formerly a personal trainer.

A professional martial artist and trainer, he is currently Vice-President of the USHF, is the instructor of martial arts at DePauw University and on the instructional staff at Indiana University. Courses he has taught include Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Tai Chi, self-defense, and Intro to the Martial Arts (a lecture that studies the technique, history and culture of fighting systems from around the world). He has developed another course, Intro to the Martial Arts Industry, (a sport management based theory class specific to the martial arts business) to support the Indiana University Martial Arts Certificate Program. He has previously served as co-instructor of the IU Hapkido/Self Defense Club. He had coupled his martial arts and trainer knowledge while being a developer, technical consultant, and instructor for IU recreational sport's two martial arts inspired fitness classes: a choreographed, cardio based workout and a more advanced class which focuses more on performance and functionality. He additionally tries to educate beyond his classes by writing as the editor of the USHF newsletter and he has also been published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

Master Sieg's formal education includes a Masters in Kinesiology (Sport Management emphasis), a BS in biology, and a minor in East Asian Language and Culture, all from Indiana University. He declined his acceptance to medical school after deciding that he could do more good in the world by teaching the martial arts and promoting the same level of professionalism within the martial arts that can be found in other fitness and health related occupations.

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