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Welcome to Gentry Martial Arts!

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Our Mission:
"Taking people where they are and helping them get to where they need to be-- through the best martial arts experience that we can provide."

Dear Sir, Ma’am or Parent

    Aside from religion, martial arts is the single most important thing that you can do for you or your child. I know I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without my martial arts experience, and that is why I believe in our programs so strongly. Simply no other activity can improve your mind, body, and spirit like martial arts—if I believed they could, I would be coaching them instead. Martial arts can help you and/or your child be more. Get your body to do things you didn’t think were possible. Feel safer on the streets and more aware of your surroundings. Give your kid social skills, leadership skills, and the confidence to succeed. In addition to self-defense against others, learn to fight the demons of self-doubt and fear of failure. See how martial arts can give you role models, a philosophy, and a lifestyle to be a better person. Learn all this in an environment that fosters bonds and family-like ties rarely experienced in today’s society.

    While the benefits of martial arts are many—don’t think that we don’t teach martial arts the way for their original purpose. We are not a daycare or tae-bo class. We are proud to have some of the best martial arts pedigrees in the area, and we offer some of the most cutting edge and demanding classes out there. We strive for excellence, one of the many attitudes that martial arts training fosters. I encourage you to use this site to see how we can help you or your family “be more” by making one of the most life changing decisions you could ever make.

---Brandon Sieg
Head instructor- GMA

    Sounds like a lot to promise? It is. But I believe it to be true. Please take the time to read that we have shown many others the power of the martial way:

On Social and Family

You have supported our family when we ran into serious issues. —Janet Soto
Most people we know are from meeting them here.—Theresa Moler
[It has] Helped Tim to get along with other children more.—Lori Thomas, about grandson Timothy
She’s more social than she used to be. She used to be too shy. I think this program will help her because it’s important that she has same activity in her life so she won’t trun to drugs and alcohol. –Kelly Herman, about Kourtney Herman
Meet new people, and have a chance to be involved in the community. —Debbie Grubb-mother of Dexter
More concerned on hurting someone else’s feeling and to get along with others. —Lori Thomas
Made new friends both her and I. —Tracey Rush
I feel I have at Gentry people I trust to teach my child. I believe he is learning personal responsibility for his behavior and he looks up to his teachers as role models. Everyone is encouraging and positive and I think it rubs off to the students and parents. —Dave Hubbard
He has always been social but he has learned to be a lot calmer in his activities. Doesn’t always pick the loud children to play with. —M. Anderson, mother of Jonathan
Being from the country this gives my kids time to be with other kids from surrounding areas. —Melissa Nenedjian, mother of three
Liam has made several friends which has been very helpful since we home school. —Biane Kidwell, mother
Tom looks forward to class with his new friends and favorite instructors. He feels very safe and secure at Gentry with the instructors. —Ron and Sarah McGuire
Becoming Gentry meant more than wearing polo shirts and warm-ups to TTCA functions. It meant being part of a team, and of a family. I was forever inducted into a brotherhood I would always be willing to aid and defend, and my actions stood not only for me, but for us all, as testament to our combined character. It was the first time I could call myself a part of a social group I would never be ashamed of. It was the first connection, outside of my family, so strong that I could never deny it. To a young woman in search of her identity and its meaning, the overwhelming power of being Gentry was - and remains - a source of constant comfort and courage. It is the one identity I have that I believe can never be expunged….Only after reaping the benefits liberation from my self-doubt and finding myself in the company of individuals who wished my good as passionately as I could ever wish it for myself was I able to see the ways in which Tae Kwon Do and The Way had changed my interaction with the world around me. —Tracy Charlton (now Townsend), in her black belt report

On Discipline and Control

Tim has more discipline to do things on his own and he is focusing more in school. —Lori Thomas
Great deal, doesn’t have to be told near as much. —Debbie Grubb, about her son, Dexter
My daughter used to hit and kick me, but since she started she doesn’t anymore. She’s doesn’t have patience with some things. She’s having trouble with her adding and subtracting in school, but she does mind better. —Kelly Herman
She’s more organized. —Tracey Rush, on daughter Kimberly
He is able to use the discipline has gained in school. —Dave Hubbard, about son, Jacob

On Confidence

Obed was extremely shy with very little self-confidence and he has now evolved. —Janet Soto
Shelby’s confidence has blossomed. —Theresa Moler
This is the area he need most work. I have noticed some improvement since he been in class. Maybe too much confidence, if that is possible. I think he has been more aware of it. —Amber Spina
Because Tim is short (this really bothered him) his confidence has improved where being short is not such a high priority. —Lori Thomas
He loves learning. Martial Arts has given him something to be proud of and work towards. Each new belt helps him to focus more. He is proud to be in a martial arts program. He is also more competitive. . He is not so shy anymore. —Shelly and Rick Firsich, on son Nick
My child has grown out his shy stage. He is more open and confident in meeting new people. —Mike Ksenak, about son, Grant
I know it has a lot because her teachers bragged about the changes in her attitude and how she had more confidence in her self and finally had self-esteem. Again, my girls were never to social with others but now I’m seeing some of it. Cherish has always been the quiet, shy, backward one that would never talk to anyone. Now look at all she does. Chacity was my mean, attitude and no self-esteem or confidence in her self and I see that now it is all there. —Wendy Kuhn, mother
He never did well in sports, he feels much better about himself. —M. Anderson, mother of Jonathan
He stands taller, his bearing (mental) is stronger. He feels more confident in his abilities to protect self or to run. —Biane Kidwell, mother of Liam
I have very little confidence in my life and don’t want my kids to be like me. I want them to have the confidence in life to try new things. GMA is giving them that confidence. —Violet Nenedjian, mother of Brittany and Quinton
Tom has more confidence in taking care of himself and is more sensitive of others with disabilities. —Ron and Sarah McGuire

On Fitness and Wellness

My child is a solid child without martial arts she would probably have a weight issue. —Theresa Moler
He has a new interest in being fit and it has given him a goal to work towards. He is not so clumsy anymore. —Shelly and Rick Firsich, about son Nick
I am physically and mentally in the best shape I have been in, in years. Martial arts is a great stress reliever. My state of “calm” is rarely affected my life’s daily stressors. —Mike Ksenak
Coordination [has improved] a great deal but still working. —Debbie Grubb, about son Dexter
She has improved in fitness and coordination. She’s has emotional well being! —Tracey Rush on daughter Kimberly
It helps with his coordination; he has visual perception problems and he’s not had good coordination. —M Anderson, mother of Jonathan
Pride in learning something new and different. Giving him something he enjoys and is exercising too. —Jamie Clark, mother or Ryan
Liam is stronger physically and has a channel for his energy. —Biane Kidwell, mother
We came to Gentry Martial Arts because of Tom’s need for physical therapy. Because of Tom’s physical limitations, his doctor has ordered No contact sports of any kind……, that limits our choices to chess! —Ron and Sarah McGuire

On Self Defense

The instructions on strangers as Tim thought everyone was a friend. Now he’s more cautious. —Lori Thomas
I like the very catchy things we use like what to say to a stranger. —Debbie Grubb
He has learned a lot about strangers, phone, and address. —Shelly and Rick Firsich
Love the secret password and the Get Back your too close! —Tracey Rush about daughter Kimberly
I feel a lot safer now when they are out of my sight. I know as they grow it will all be there. —Wendy Kuhn, on daughters Chacity and Cherish

On Leadership and Life Skills

We don’t hear the can’t word hardly at all anymore – he’s more willing to try different things. —Lori Thomas
(Our grandson) has learned more at GMA than at preschool. —Lori Thomas
Has helped her realize she can succeed and learn with a little work of her own. Is she wants the next belt or stripe it is totally up to her to make it happen. —Wendy Kuhn, on daughters, Chacity and Cherish Selburg
Due to the TKD training, he has a more “take charge and make things happen” attitude. —Ron and Sarah McGuire, parents of Thomas
More focus in class has helped him focus at home. His confidence has been drastically improved. More respect towards sister. He thinks before he acts. He is learning faster at everything he does. He is more outgoing, not afraid to talk to people. —Darrell Meader, father of Josh

On Traditional Values

She is very respectful to others. —Tracey Rush on daughter Kimberly
The character and life skills, that TKD teaches, builds on that what is taught in our home…….. it’s great to be in unison. We definitely got more than what we bargained for with GMA! —Ron and Sarah McGuire.
Reinforcing the same values of respect as expected at home. —Jamie Clark, mother of Ryan
I think this is a great sport for my kids and the only one in the town to push respect and discipline into this generation. —Michelle Nenedjian, mother of Makyla.

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